For more than ten years I live in Italy...

Far in 2000, when I was just 20 years, the fate brought me to the Apennines and I'm here somehow stuck. It now that I know the language, traditions, habits and customs of the local aboriginal people, you can say that you "feel at home", but if you remember, how it all began...

I was driving in a foreign country with a sinking heart, I really wanted to see with their own eyes, what was it, this "zagranitsa". And then, in those years, almost all the youth fled "Dale"in Moscow, who in Kiev, and who is not in the distant abroad. That is almost a classic: "Hold on, help from abroad!..."

And I saw her, this very abroad. Was immediately struck by the road, starting from Hungary no bumps and potholes, flowers on the roadsides, all trimmed, cut, marked. I remembered my family, like a broken after the air RAID of the road. And was hurt-why do we not?

Further, we see more and more of what we got wrong, but the last straw was the toilets on the avtogriley, with hot water, disposable towels and liquid soap.

"Live, Burgoyne damn" I thought then, what are we worse? But with time I realized that we are not that bad, we are just different. We have different attitude to life . So what they have and we don't have and Vice versa, and is there between us something in common?

I will try in this blog to Express their point of view, maybe some of it will seem wrong, someone in something not agree with me, but I still dare.

For now I suggest you to look at a small photo report about my stay in Italy and listen to good music.

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